Danielle Real is a Washington DC wedding photographer capturing the joy of the moment so you can see, feel and remember it for the rest of your lives together.


While my last name is actually pronounced “Ray-all” (gives it a nice flair, don't you think?), it’s more than a point of identification for me. It’s a guiding force behind my work, and representative of the incredibly authentic and joyful couples I get to serve.

A Danielle REAL photo is a photo you can feel.

Hi! I'm Danielle Real

And really, it’s fate that I’m a
wedding photographer…

While working as a flight attendant in Dubai, I was introduced to a local photographer who was looking for an assistant. I figured I had nothing to lose, and photography was taking off in Dubai, so I went for it. I soaked up all the information and experience from him that I could. After returning home to the Philippines, I continued learning and eventually started shooting weddings full-time.

Enter the part where my (now) Filipino-American husband, who had been serving in the United States Navy, happened to be invited to the same friend’s wedding where I also happened to be the photographer. A month later, he proposed, and I found myself in the U.S. on a 90-day fiancé VISA. Soon after, we got married and I’ve now lived in the D.C. Metropolitan area for more than 8 years. I’m a mom of 3 and get to spend most of my time at weddings, telling other people’s love stories through my camera.



I'm A night owl (catch me editing at 2am)
loves making tapas or a cheese board
fridays are reserved for date night
bottle of district winery rosÉ, please
ALWAYS wearing black
have been to 65 countries
last name is pronounced'ray-all'

danielle's photos are natural and authentic, capturing real moments instead of forced poses.

—  Stephanie r.